1. How does the TipTop & Picnic bench 2in1 work?
Very simple .. in 3 seconds you change the bench into a picnic table with multiple seats. Anyone can do it! The best you can stand right in front of the bench, lift  the seating with one hand slightly and pull gently with the other hand on the back of the bench. Walk back a little and voila ... it's a table!! To convert your table back into a bench? That's just as simple: you pick up with one hand to the seating and with the other hand the table top. In one motion, push both parts of you and your bench is a fact again.

2. Is there one model of the TipTop & Picnic bench 2in1?
No, there are currently four models:
1) Standard-model: 2-person sofa / 4-person table
2) XL model: 3-person sofa / 6-person table (only available in The Netherlands)
3) Children Model: 3 to 9 year
4) Children Model with your own photo print: 3 to 9 years old - suitable for indoor

3. Where is the TipTop Picnic table & bench 2in1 made?
The table & bench 2in1 is handmade in the Netherlands (Lekkerkerk) impregnated pine (Komo Hallmark). This makes it suitable for indoor and outdoor and resistant to Europiean weather changes.
* Wood is a natural product. The pictures give an indication of the color, deviations are unavoidable in the final color.
** The children's table & bench 2in1 with photo print is made from pine and is not impregnated. It can stand outside in nice weather but is more suitable for indoor use. The photo is printed on 2mm aluminum and scratch-free during normal use.

4. Should the table & bench 2in1 be treated?
The wood is impregnated and treated. However, the wood lends itself well to dyeing and / or pickling but as we deliver the table & bench 2in1 most maintenance free.

5. What are the dimensions?
1) Standard model:
Bench Dimensions: L 125 x W 47 x H 40 cm
(The height of the bench from ground to the top of the railing is 80 cm)
Size table: L 130 x W 56 cm (unfolded the table 130 at 130 cm)
Wood thickness: 28 mm / Weight: about 31.5 kilograms
The height of the bench is 40 cm, table height 71 cm.

2) XL Model:
Bench Dimensions: L 160 x W 47 x H 40 cm
(The height of the bench from ground to the top of the railing is 82 cm)
Size table: L 180 x W 56 cm (unfolded the table 130 cm x 180 cm)
Wood thickness: 4.5 cm / Weight: about 50kg
The height of the bench is 40 cm, table height 71 cm.

3 + 4) Child-model (with or without photo print):
Bench Dimensions: L 84 x W 41.5 x H 33.5 cm
(The height of the bench from ground to the top of the railing is 65 cm)
Size table top: L 90 x W 47.5 cm (unfolded the table 90 by 96 cm)
Wood thickness: 28 mm / Weight: about 20kg
The seat height is 33.5 cm from the bench, table height 57 cm.

6. What is the delivery time of the TipTop & Picnic bench 2in1?
Normally, the delivery time 2 weeks. Should you wish to receive the table & bench 2in1 earlier or later, you can always discuss this with us.

7. Where can I see the TipTop & Picnic bench 2in1?
You are by appointment welcome to come and watch us and "Try it out". We are located in Lekkerkerk (South Holland).

8. How is the Picnic & TipTop bench 2in1 delivered?
The standard model and the Children's model are shipped fully assembled. We work for the delivery with DHL Europlus. They deliver from Monday to Friday between 0900 and 1730 hours. A few days before delivery, you will receive an email from us about the delivery date.

Is your country not listed? Please send us an email ( and we will get back to you as soon as possible).

Given the size and weight of the XL model is not possible to deliver these with DHL Europlus. We collaborate with a courier. If you are not in a position to retrieve the XL model, please email us for a quote. We do our best to seek out the most advantageous way for you.

9. Do you have another question about the TipTop & Picnic table & bench 2in1?
Let us know, we are happy to advise and try to answer your mail as soon as possible: You can call and may also: Sandor +31 6-29322660 or +31 6-54687770 Debbie


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